Upcoming events


Community Leadership Fellowship

3-day workshop on Wednesday 20th, Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd of October 2021 at Maleny, Queensland

A three-day journey as part of a ‘community of practice’, aimed at developing the faculties and understanding necessary to deepen your capacity for leadership in reflective community and social practice.
A programme that observes the rigour of academia while challenging its ways of thinking and engages learning through a practising community.

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24 hour Poetic Retreat

Friday 19th November 6pm - Saturday 20th November 6pm, Maleny, Queensland

As a response to a disconnected and manic world, this reflective retreat explores the world of delicate activism (see Kaplan & Davidoff, 2014, The Proteus Initiative) and is grounded in the question, 'Can a practice that foregrounds observation bring healing to the world?'

Through the practice of observation, reflection and connection with nature, the retreat invites an opportunity to practice a new form of activism in our personal and professional lives. In witnessing nature, we will write about our observations and interpretations through creative expression as a method of delicate activism.

The retreat includes :

  • gathering at 6pm for Friday night shared dinner, sitting around a fire with poetry 

  • re-gathering on Saturday 8am until 6pm, for three rounds of observation, poetic expression, and shared reflection. The Saturday will include shared morning and afternoon teas + lunch. 

Please note: participants are responsible for their own accommodation on Friday evening. 


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